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The Liberty Blog: Documents You Need To File Your Taxes

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Documents You Need To File Your Taxes
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Documents You Need To File Your Taxes:

Greetings Fellow Tax Slayers,

Here are a few tips to hopefully make your tax season go a bit smoother! Without further delay, let's discuss some of the documents you need to file your taxes.

First, you want to gather both your and your dependents’ personal information (if applicable). To make this beginning step easier in the following years, keep these important documents in a permanent home in either your home desk, a filing cabinet, or preferably a safe. Then, as you receive tax forms at the beginning of every year, you can stick them in this folder for easy access as you get ready to file. Note, the list is not all-inclusive.

Document #1 - Identification

For you and your dependents, you'll need a social security number or a tax ID number, and a government issued ID such as your drivers license.

Document (or Information) #2 - Bank Information

Assuming you decide to receive your refund by direct deposit, you'll need your bank routing number and bank account number. Just FYI, both of these numbers can be found on the bottom of your checks (anyone still use checks?)

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Document #3 - Other Documents

If you paid for childcare expenses, you’ll need to provide information about the childcare provider (name, address, tax ID number) and how much you spent on childcare for the year. If you're divorced, separated or living apart from your child’s other parent and you're the noncustodial parent of a child that you’re claiming, you’ll need the custodial parent to release their right to claim a child to you using Form 8332. If you have a dependent that is or was a student, you'll need school records to show if that child was a full-time student for certain credits and deductions.

Document (or Information) #4 - Prior Year AGI

You'll also need your previous year's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI): When filing your taxes electronically, you want to sign and validate your e-return by entering your prior year AGI or your prior year self-select PIN. You'll want to locate your prior year AGI on your Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR (line 11 I believe). If you used Intuit TurboTax in the prior year, this information will be entered automatically.

In Closing

That's all for now friends! However, we want to hear from you. As noted, the above list is not all inclusive. What are some documents you need to complete your taxes. Reply in the comments below!

To your continued success!

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