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The Liberty Blog: 6 Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit

Updated: Feb 23

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"6 Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit"

Can you avoid being audited by the IRS? While nobody is immune from this unpleasant experience, there are some actions you can take to lessen your chances. While we at Liberty Financial Solutions, LLC (dba Liberty Tax Defenders) pride ourselves in being a premier audit defense and tax resolution company, we ultimately want to keep you from getting to that point.

So, as tax season gears up, there are a few tips that should hopefully prove beneficial for any season. Therefore, here are "6 Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit."

Tip #1 - Think about Your Business Structure

Are you operating as a sole proprietor? If so, this would mean you likely file a Schedule C on your income tax return to report your profit and loss from business. Well, unfortunately, business owners who are sole proprietors, and subsequently file Schedule C's to report their business P&L get audited the most by the IRS. While there are numerous reasons that could explain this, one reason is because there's a greater likelihood of personal and business expenses getting commingled. Therefore, if you operate as a sole proprietor, consider changing your business entity structure to a limited liability company, a partnership, or even a corporation.

Tip #2 - Don't mix business and personal expenses

Along the lines of tip #1, make sure you don't mix personal expenses with business expenses. The IRS will sniff this out and also hit you with penalties and interest. For example, make sure you don't deduct personal mileage along with business mileage, or don't deduct the personal portion of your cell phone use along with the business portion of your cell phone use. The same goes for utilities, electricity, internet, etc. For whatever reason, sole proprietors tend to fall victim to this more than owners of other business structures. The point is this: be diligent to make sure personal expenses are not included as business expenses on your tax return.

Tip #3 - Make sure you keep receipts

Bottom line: If you don't have documentation that you incurred an expense, don't try to deduct it. Even if it's legitimate, if you can't prove you paid for an expense, don't risk trying to deduct it. The IRS will disallow legitimate business expenses if you don't have documentation to support it. Oh yeah, they'll also hit you with negligence penalties and interest too. Therefore, make sure you keep good records and can prove any expenses and deductions that you claim on your tax return.

Tip #4 - Be VERY weary of the home office deduction

We generally try and discourage our clients from claiming the home office deduction. Something about taxpayers who claim this deduction just seems to draw the IRS like a magnet. The rules for claiming this deduction can get murky and the IRS loves to disallow it. If you do try and claim the home office deduction, make sure you know the rules and be prepared to defend it if and when the IRS comes calling.

Tip #5 - File your tax return timely

Even if you can't afford to pay all of your taxes when they're due, please make sure you file your return on time. Filing a timely return will ensure that the IRS doesn't assess "failure to file penalties" and related interest.

Tip #6 - If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask a qualified professional

If you have questions about anything tax-related, please make sure you reach out to a qualified professional such as a CPA, enrolled agent, or other qualified tax return preparer. So many people who get audited end up going it alone and don't get help on issues they have questions on.

In Closing

That's all for now friends. Make sure you subscribe to our blog for more tips and information.

To your continued success!

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