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Your premier tax settlement company to help you resolve your back tax and IRS problems.e your

Learn More About Liberty Financial Solutions, LLC

Liberty Financial Solutions, LLC  specializes in helping clients all over the U.S. with back tax relief and IRS audits.  We know first-hand how overwhelming and stressful IRS problems can be.  Our aim is to provide hard-working Americans peace of mind and to give them their lives back.  We'll work tirelessly to protect your rights and help you resolve your IRS back tax problems.  We'll also endeavor to achieve an outcome that is the most beneficial for you. 


Every client gets a free consultation where we'll go over your situation and discuss potential courses of action.  Then, if we mutually decide to work together, we'll help you develop a plan to end your IRS problems permanently.


Brad R. Horton

Founder and Executive Chairman

Brad Horton started Liberty Financial Solutions, LLC to help hard-working Americans find relief and peace of mind from an over-aggressive and overreaching IRS.  Having served with the IRS for almost 15 years, Brad is uniquely qualified to serve in this role as he knows first-hand how the IRS operates and the strategies they employ.  In fact, he's authored numerous portions of the Internal Revenue Manual that serve as a guideline for IRS personnel and their operations. 

With almost 20 years experience in tax, accounting, and finance (almost 15 years with the IRS), Brad has utilized his extensive experience to help individuals and small businesses resolve their tax issues.  During Brad's IRS career, he served in management for the Enterprise Activities division in LB&I, served as a subject-matter expert in International Individual Compliance, and also as a revenue agent.  Brad received the "IRS Excellence Award" 3 times for his role in the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, for successfully starting Phase II of the Mergers and Acquisitions Initiative, and for his efforts in revamping and re-designing Forms 1065, 1120-S, and 8865 to include international issues.  Brad was also the highest rated LB&I speaker at the Nationwide Tax Forums in 2016, 2017, and 2019.  

Outside of his main career, Brad has also served as a lecturer of accounting for almost a decade and has taught several accounting courses for Brookhaven College and The University of Texas at Arlington.  Brad is also a best-selling author having authored the best-seller "Don't Be Afraid of Accounting."  He has also served as a city council member, a member of the EDC, a member of the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board, and is also the current mayor in the city where he resides. 

Brad graduated with Honors from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003, has a Master of Science in Taxation from The University of Texas at Arlington, and also has an MBA.  He's also a member of the ACFE.  Brad enjoys helping taxpayers successfully resolve their back tax issues and IRS problems so they can go on and enjoy their lives. 

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Pro Liberty, Pro Freedom

Liberty Financial Solutions is pro life and pro liberty.

Wade A. Dennis 

Managing Member

Wade A. Dennis has joined Liberty Financial Solutions, LLC as the managing member of the LLC to help hardworking Americans resolve their tax problems and regain their peace of mind.  Mr. Dennis brings over 25 years of extensive experience across multiple industries, most recently as the Controller of an investment management company.  In his role as Controller, one of Mr. Dennis' many responsibilities was to oversee tax compliance for the firm as well as helping clients understand the firm's tax reporting obligations.  He has not only structured, but also overseen, some of the most complex financial transactions anywhere and he brings a wealth of technical knowledge that helps our clients successfully resolve their tax problems. 

Mr. Dennis is a licensed CPA in the State of Texas, as well as a graduate of The University of Texas at  Arlington where he graduated with a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Master of Science in Taxation.  Additionally, Mr. Dennis is a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.  Mr. Dennis is passionate about helping our clients understand the Byzantine labyrinth of tax rules and regulations and getting them back on their feet.  

Patriot Owned Businesses

At Liberty Financial Solutions, LLC, we're proud to support businesses that are owned by hard-working Americans that love God and America.  These great entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy and we're honored to stand with them in pursuit of the American Dream!

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