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The Liberty Blog: Delinquent Tax Returns: What You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 3

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delinquent tax returns: what you need to know
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Delinquent Tax Returns: What You Need To Know

As tax season gears up, we're hearing a lot of accounts of taxpayers who were anticipating refunds that are now learning that they have to pay instead (and having to pay a significant amount at that). The question we're getting is, "Should I just not file my tax return?" To answer that question, we give you: "Delinquent Tax Returns: What You Need To Know."

Delinquent tax returns are tax returns that have not been filed by the deadline set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Generally, the due date for individual taxpayers is April 15th of every year, with a six month extension generally available.

We want to convey to taxpayers that failing to file your tax returns on time can have serious consequences. The IRS can and will impose penalties and interest on the unpaid taxes and the un-filed return(s), which can quickly add up and create a significant financial burden. In addition, the IRS can also take legal action against you, which can result in even more severe consequences. Even if you cannot pay your taxes by the due date, it would still greatly benefit you to file your return because this will stop the assertion of failure to file penalties. To avoid these potential negative consequences, it's of first importance to file your taxes on time. And if you do have delinquent tax returns outstanding, get them filed as soon as possible.

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Back Tax Problems And Delinquent Tax Returns

On another note, most taxpayers who are facing intimidating collection actions from the IRS also have delinquent tax returns outstanding. If you're facing back tax problems, wage garnishments, or the IRS is threatening to put a lien on your property, you want to make sure that you bring any delinquent returns current as soon as possible. Why?

Well, in order to enter into any type of closing agreement to resolve your back tax issues (such as an offer in compromise, a partial pay installment agreement, a penalty abatement, or other agreement with the IRS) any delinquent tax returns must first be filed. That means that the IRS won't even sit down to negotiate any type of settlement with you until all un-filed tax returns have been filed (going back as far as 10 years).

In Closing

Friends, in closing, if you haven't filed your tax return whether it be this year or several years in the past, make sure you do so as soon as possible. If you don't know where to turn, reach out to us at Liberty Financial Solutions, dba Liberty Tax Defenders ,for your free consultation. Our aim is to help you get your life back and give you peace of mind. We'll work tirelessly to help you resolve your back tax problems and get the IRS off your back.

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