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Meet the Liberty Team

Updated: May 14

Liberty Financial Solutions, LLC: We worry about the IRS so you don't have to...

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Meet the Liberty Team:

Greetings all lovers of liberty and freedom,

I'm very excited to have joined Brad Horton at Liberty Tax Defenders. I share his passion for helping hard working Americans regain their peace of mind when they experience problems with the IRS. We understand the stress and headache that comes when Big Brother comes a-calling demanding more of your hard earned income to fuel the ever growing largesse and wasteful spending in Washington, D.C.

I believe the United States is at a crossroads - we can continue to allow the size and scope of the Federal government to continue to grow unabated, and with that a concomitant loss of our freedoms, or we as Citizen-Patriots take back our government and be a free and prosperous people. And one small way that we at Liberty Tax Defenders can help in this cause is by helping you - our clients - keep more of your hard earned income in your hands and out of the hands of Washington.

IRS help in Mansfield, TX
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I join Liberty Tax Defenders with 28 years of experience in the Accounting/Finance world. I hold a BBA in Accounting and a Master of Science in Taxation, both from the University of Texas at Arlington. I am a licensed CPA with the State of Texas and have spent my career working in multiple industries ranging from construction/design, manufacturing, family office to private investment management firms. At each stop along the way I have been intimately involved in the tax compliance aspects of the firm involving state sales and use tax, state franchise and income taxes, and federal taxes. I bring an "Outsiders" view of tax compliance while Brad brings an "Insiders" knowledge from his time with the IRS.

Once again, I am excited to join Brad here at Liberty Tax Defenders to help you - our clients - regain your peace of mind and keep more of your money in your hands where it belongs. Brad and I look forward to serving you and helping you with all of your IRS tax problems. And as we say here at Liberty Tax Defenders, "We worry about the IRS so you don't have to...."


Wade A. Dennis, CPA, MST


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