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Tax Return Errors: Common Errors That Slow Down The Processing of Your Return

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Every year at tax time, it seems that there are common errors on tax returns that come up over and over again. See the video below for more:

Tax Return Errors:

To summarize:

Tip #1 - Spell Your Name Correctly

Again, I can see you laughing now, but it happens. It happens regularly and it does so because taxpayers get in a rush and make a typo. But, the IRS will not process a tax return when a name isn't correct.

Tip #2 - Enter your SSN Correctly

See above. But just like above, the IRS will reject a return that doesn't have the proper social security number.

Tip #3 - Get Confirmation that the IRS Received Your Return

If you paper file your return, then send it via certified mail, UPS, or Fed Ex so you can get proof that the IRS received your return (or have your CPA do this). If you e-file your return, make sure you save the confirmation that your return was accepted by the IRS (or ask your CPA to give you this confirmation).

While I'm sure it comes as a surprise to you, the IRS has been known to misplace tax returns so you want to have proof that they received your return in case they try to say they didn't.


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