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Do You Have Delinquent Tax Returns?

Updated: May 14

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Do you have delinquent tax returns? And what to do about it if you do...

Do You Have Delinquent Tax Returns?

Did you know that approximately 900,000 American taxpayers fail to file a tax return every year? If you fall into this category, you are certainly not alone. However, if you haven't filed or suspect you need to file, it's crucial that you take action.

The IRS has the authority under IRC Section 6020 to file a "substitute for return (SFR)" on your behalf. If and when they do, they take the most advantageous position for themselves that they possibly can. For example, if the IRS files an SFR on your behalf, they will only give you the standard deduction. This means you won't get credit for any itemized deductions or other deductible expenses that you may have legitimately incurred. Additionally, you'll receive the highest tax rate possible. This means if you're married, they will give you the filing status of single rather than the more advantageous married rates.

If that's not bad enough, you can also bet your bottom dollar that they'll tack on penalties and interest too.

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In Closing

If you (or someone you know) suspect that you need to file tax returns for any previous year, make sure you take action. Seeking professional help from a reputable tax resolution company like Liberty Tax Defenders can be the most effective way to navigate the complex world of tax resolution problems such as filing delinquent tax returns. We offer individuals and businesses the support and expertise needed to achieve a favorable outcome while alleviating the burden of IRS-related stress.

Contact our office today at 817.995.5008 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation and let us worry about the IRS so you don't have to.

To your success!

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